Keep Shining.
I only have one question and that would be what is your testimony?!

It’s kind of long, so I’ll try and keep it as short as possible because there’s millions of details. haha
I was 16, and started going to church w/my boyfriend at the time. I wasn’t raised with any faith background, and my parents weren’t believers. They let me figure things out on my own, which, some Christians may not agree with, but like I said before, they weren’t believers and this helped me in the long run because I found the truth on my own. Anywho, I loved the church I was going to. It started to feel like home. God’s love was so appealing to me. I thought I was always a good person, and THAT would send me to heaven. But then I came to know Jesus, and His flawless life and examined my own life. I learned that it was only my faith in Him that would give me the gift of eternal life. So I accepted Him into my heart on Easter 2010. Months later my boyfriend and I broke up. I became depressed (for multiple reasons) and felt like my life was hopeless. It was during this time that I experienced Jesus in a whole new way. I’ve never felt closer to Him than I did during that time. Eventually my life became positive again (years later) and here I am now. 4 years later and God has done incredible things in my life. It’s all Him, and I’m so thankful for everything. :)

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  3. sabsstabs said: As I was reading this, I thought I was reading my own testimony haha. Mine is so so similar and I just wanted to say that’s so awesome and like I understand everything you experienced. Not sure why I commented on this but anyways, God bless you!
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