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In response to the lmao post; I'm getting really irritated with Christians condemning other Christians. Saying lmao is fine, it's not a big deal. We all have our sins and we can't tip toe around each other. Even if you think lmao is bad that's your own opinion and you shouldn't judge anyone else for your own personal objections, or anything at all. You are an inspiration for many, saying lmao won't change that :)

thank you. that person probably meant it in a loving way, but sometimes things come out a little different when we read them. so I won’t hold that against them, and I would hope that they wouldn’t hold the whole acronym thing against me. thanks for the kind words! have a blessed day. :) x

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About that anon person earlier who "put you on blast": People are going to do that. They will pick at the little things so that you turn it into a big offense. Don't see it as a test, see it as a self-evaluation. Are you shining God's light? Yes? Great! Are you loving like Jesus did??? Matthew 5:43-47 talks about how we treat people, especially our enemies. Not that I was the anon, but I understand what it's like to be in that situation. That's why we should live like James 1:19 says. God bless

I do believe in accountability, I just think they should’ve come at me in a different way and not anonymously where I’m forced to either answer it or ignore them, and if I have something to say to it, of course I’m gonna reply. I just would’ve rather talked to them off anon.

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