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nurtureshekinah asked: Random tumblr Qs: what is your family like? And have they inspired your faith?If so, how? Xx

I’m super close with my family. Especially my immediate family. My parents, brother and I try and eat dinner together every night, or every other if we’re all super busy. We’ve gone on so many trips together and done so much fun stuff. They’re my everything. Besides them, my little cousins and I are all super close. I have 9 younger ones and they bring me such joy. Family parties = one big jam session…. but literally. My dad, uncle, and cousins play guitar and basically everyone sings so every party or get-together consists of a lot of music. haha I love it. They have inspired my faith for sure. A lot of people in my family are Catholic, or Christian, but I’m not sure where any of them are in the walk. Like, I don’t know if it’s strong or anything. Most only go to church every so often. I was the first one in my immediate family to accept Jesus, then my mom. We’re still praying on my dad and brother, and I feel like I have a lot of responsibility in my family to be an example. I’m the only one out of anyone who serves in church, or does any form of ministry. Which, I’m not saying I’m such a strong Christian or anything like that, just because I serve… but my family has really high expectations of me and I’m never going to allow myself to let them down. They all know where I stand in my faith and I can only PRAY it encourages them to get closer to God. All I want for them, is to know the love of Jesus and grow alongside them.

Thanks for the personal & meaningful question. :) x

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Anonymous asked: I don't know why I'm posting this, but I am. I have decided to write the guy I like a letter. I probably won't ever give it to him and he probably won't ever read it, but I feel compelled to write it. Once again, I'm not sure why I'm telling you this

that’s actually a fantastic idea… 1) you have the power to give it to him or keep it 2) you can get out all your feelings any way you want to 3) whether you give it to him or not, you can get it off your chest.

I might just take this idea and use it someday. :)

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if you’re not in love with this song right now, you’re wrong.

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